Summer’s Story

Due to a series of unfortunate events in February of 2022 I lost my vehicle unexpectedly and did not have transportation to do all the things I needed to do, take my daughter to school or soccer practice, go to work, pick up groceries etc. It was a super low point in my life and I felt a lot of shame and disappointment in myself.

A close friend of mine jumped at the opportunity to help me and contacted Metro Auto Ministry. Within a few weeks, I had a car and more importantly a car payment with terms that I did not lose sleep over. Metro Auto Ministry worked with me and did not take advantage of my poor credit and past financial negligence. They saw me as a person with a need and not an opportunity to make money.

Working through Metro Auto Ministry God showed up for me at a time when I did not deserve help. Metro Auto Ministry taught me that God is present in ALL suffering, not just suffering caused by other people or unpredictable circumstances. Thank you!