Auto Assistance

In order to qualify for auto assistance you must meet TWO of the following criteria:

  • Referral by an organization we work with: Children’s Advocacy Center, Vision Ministries, Village Church, Friends of the Family, CASA, Our Daily Bread, Cross Timbers Church, Denton Bible Church, TMWF
  • Full time student as well as working at least 20 hours a week
  • Median income is less than 150% of the poverty line
  • Receiving any kind of government assistance
  • Lost your job within the last month
  • Veteran or active military
  • Single parent
  • Homeless
  • Disabled

*If you only meet one of the above criteria ask about a payment plan.


In most cases, we prioritize and only complete safety repairs over non-safety issues.  We pay up to $450 for the first series of repairs, and require you to pay for parts.


Void of Commitment

Things that will void our commitment to working on your car are as follows:

  • You push us for an unrealistic deadline or check-in more than every other day. We will communicate the best we can; but some repairs take weeks.
  • Cars issues are not as described or repairs will cost more than the $450 we allot for 1st time clients – in most of these cases you will be required to pay the additional amount up front.

Visit by appointment only.

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Some of our services include:


When you bring your car to Metro Auto, we start with a thorough inspection to identify any issues. Check engine (OBDII) codes are a great place to start, so let us know if you have any codes present.


We will check to see what maintenance items need to be addressed and let you know every time you bring your car in, even if it is for an unrelated repair.  Unlike many other shops, we will let you know how much life you have left on your parts and won’t recommend unnecessary repairs.


Metro Auto offers complete brake services, including inspection, repair and fluid exchange.


In the rare case that your transmission or engine fails, Metro Auto can replace it with a used one or have it rebuilt.  Either way, you will be backed by a 6mo. – 1 year warranty so can drive with peace of mind.


If you’ve noticed fluid leaking from your vehicle, contact Metro Auto as soon as possible. Fluid leaks can indicate a number of problems, some of them serious.


Got an annoying squeak or shake?  The culprit is probably steering or suspension.  Bring it by so Metro Auto can diagnose it.  While we don’t do alignment we have a shop nearby that can do it for us.