Amy’s Story

Being a single mom of 3 kids of my own and 5 grandchildren. It was hard trying to maintain a car payment and repairs for the vehicle. I live paycheck to paycheck it was taking most of my funds. My daughter got a job and we definitely needed a reliable source of transportation that would work for us both. A coworker heard about my situation and gave me a phone number for Metro Auto Ministry.

When I contacted them at the time they didn’t have anything available. They advised me to check back weekly and so I did. Until finally they did have a car available, it was a Mazda 3 with low payments that were more for my budget. It was perfect for my family. My heart was so happy. I was blessed to have such a caring coworker that wanted to help my situation. That car has a forever home with my family. I am forever grateful for such a wonderful blessing. Thank you Metro Auto Ministry! You’re a true blessing in more ways than one to me and my family. A true angel from above.