Martin’s Story

My name is Martin, a student at UNT, father and husband, part time worker, and a cadet in ROTC. My air conditioning went out during the fall of last year and I had been picking at it for a while. It finally got to a point where home garage repairs were no longer able to make a difference. I started shopping around for pricing on a/c replacement. Some places quoted me upwards of $1,000 and I had to wonder how I would pay for it… money has been tight for a number of years since I went back to school and it just was not in the cards.

A friend of mine told me about Metro Auto Ministry. It was worth checking out because everyone else was quoting the same ridiculous pricing. The Metro Auto mechanics came back with under half the cost. I was shocked and skeptical at first, but the days were getting hotter and the hour commute to and from Denton to Fort Worth was getting worse.

Metro Auto delivers on their work. Not only that, but they are excellent with follow ups to make sure that the work is sustained. They are honest about the entire process, and were extremely kind and patient. 10/10 would recommend to someone who is in need of critical repairs but cannot afford it. Metro Auto Ministry is a godsend!!