Jerri’s Story

Metro Auto Ministry has truly been a blessing to my family both financially and spiritually. As a single mom who was previously laid off, there was little to no room for anything extra in the budget. Unfortunately, not long after the layoff, my car of almost 10 years began to heat up (even after adding coolant) and would require that I turn it off immediately while driving especially in stop and go traffic. This situation was not only scary, but very stressful as well.

Thanks to my amazing church family, I was referred to Metro Auto Ministry to see what could be done, if anything. Not only were the folks at Metro Auto able to assess what was causing the car to heat up, but they also let me know of other issues that were bound to eventually cause more problems with the car sooner than later. They were also very diligent about giving me progress updates during the time my ‘silver bullet’ was in their care.

It is because of their hard work and compassion for my financial situation that the folks at Metro Auto not only fixed my car in a timely manner, but my wallet spared a beating too. I am forever grateful and would recommend Metro Auto to anyone that is looking for mechanics who not only do a great job in a timely manner, but go above and beyond to serve the community just as Christ calls us to do every day.