Brandy’s Story

 Hi, my name is Brandy, and this beautiful baby girl is Julia. I want to tell y’all a bit about us. I found myself a single mom and scared, this past May. I do Uber Eats as a way to support my daughter. I needed a car badly… Some would say ‘no big deal’ just go buy one. Well easier said than done… I have horrible credit, Uber is not considered a real job, and I have a child as well.

I found myself having to go thru Friends of the Family. I was given the number for Metro Auto Ministry. I reached out to the ministry. This was the answer to my prayers. They gave me the option between 2 vehicles. They asked me what I could afford budget wise and I told him about $200. The ministry was able to work with this, even though I didn’t have the money for a down payment. So please find it in y’alls hearts, to help this ministry. They are a God send for those of us that need a help up.